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Unique Diwali Gift Ideas In Mumbai

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas In Mumbai

Diwali is almost upon us. It’s the time for family and friends, heading back home and spreading the joy. And what spreads more joy than a well-thought out Diwali present. If you wish to think out of the box of typical Diwali presents of dry fruit boxes, sweet boxes, clothes, silver pieces, regular jewellery, or Diwali hampers, then check out our list of some other cool Diwali gifts that you can gift your family and friends.

Regardless of what occasion it is, chocolates are the fondest bites for everyone. And when it is Diwali, chocolates have to be at their decadent best! Gift a basket full of decadent indulgence from chocolate smith to your relatives, friends, colleagues or customer. Baskets of varied designs, sizes and assortment of chocolates are available right away to make your Diwali time even more special.

Gifting chocolates to your employees is a great way to convey to them that they are important to the organization. Your employees develop a sense of belonging to the organization. It motivates them to give their best. Also chocolate is an excellent stress buster and is known to boost the brain power. It boosts blood flow to key parts of the brain, thereby improving performance and alertness.

It is definitely advisable to avoid giving cheap gifts to your customers. How would you feel when you receive a cheap pen or other stationary embossed with a company’s logo as a gift on Diwali. I am sure you would feel terrible. You would think that the people sending such gifts are boneheaded. Holiday offer, lottery ticket and cloths with your company’s logo are other lousy Diwali gift ideas. These gifts do more harm to your business than good. Give your customers tasty, top-quality, expensive chocolates; they delight your customers.

You can gift chocolates to even health-conscious people. Chocolates, if consumed in right proportion, are good for health. Studies have proved the many health benefits of dark chocolates. They are rich in flavonoids and theobromine. Flavonoids are a group of plant metabolites known to provide health benefits through cell signaling pathways and antioxidant effects. Theobromine improves overall health.

Chocolate is an excellent gift for your parents and other elderly people who matter to you. A study conducted in Sweden, which involved more than 31,000 women, has proved that dark chocolates improve cardiovascular health. It is good for people seeking to lose weight.