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Diwali gift boxes Mumbai

Diwali gift boxes Mumbai

Diwali Chocolates with a Wide range of festive gift boxes, We can customize and personalize Corporate Gifts Chocolates and have enormous Idea’s and design to come out with a Customized Gift and custom molded chocolates in various shapes & the Packaging’s with your corporate message or logo to match your theme,needs,style & creating personalized gifts for every customerand making your Corporate & Business Promotion Diwali Gifts a Unique, We can design theme gifting packagings styles imprinted with your logo,Name or greetings
We are amongst the leading premium ‘handmade’ (Not Homemade) chocolates maker’s, a decade old Chocolate Manufacturer’s having substantial & Industry Compliant manufacturing facilities, capacity & adequate capabilities to undertake large chocolates orders.We manufacture a wide range of molded Chocolates with variety of fillings in different sizes, shapes,Design and customized shapes and edible multi-colour print’s on the chocolates.

No matter the occasion, chocolates is the best gift choices for any age group, especially for kids. There are varieties of chocolates available in the market. It can range from Dry-fruit chocolates to flavored ones. It really doesn’t matter, which one to choose because any of them is sure going to bring the joy. With an innovative box of chocolates, one can easily pick to their budget and present as a sign of feelings.
we design beautiful chocolate gift boxes that can be customized as per the occasion and hence be a perfect fit at any corporate event. The concept is simple – we make chocolate gift boxes wherein the box design as well as the chocolates are customized completely as per the client’s requirements. This makes every box that we create truly unique!

Our chocolate gifts are also perfect for branding purposes as we can put your brand on the chocolates. In fact you can choose to have anything printed on the chocolates – a design, a logo or a message!

We offer a range of fillings and flavours for the chocolates like fruit and nut, butterscotch, roasted almonds and others. All our chocolates are made using only the finest ingredients. Instead of individual chocolate candies you can also choose to include a printed chocolate bar with your logo or text printed on it